Name/Age: Jonathan/21

Location: The state of Washington, alternating between the towns of Spokane and Bellingham.

Occupation: Biology student


*Our Orgins physical anthropology book for the anthropology course I was taking at the time.

*Apple keyboard so that I can type my notes with ease.

*Second generation iPad with charger and leather cover for web, notes, email, digital texts books/leasurly reading/digital magazines, games, and so forth.

*Pentel metal mechanical pencil which I have since lost.

*Moleskine daily planner as I like to have my agenda in a physical copy on hand, which later gets synced with calendars on my computer. *Original Burt’s Bees lip balm

*Old Fossil leather wallet that has since been replaced containing bank cards, membership cards, passes, and a couple dollars cash.

*Rhoto eye drops

*Logitech UE headphones with Apple inline remote


*My “lucky” Deshutes Brewery bottle cap from the first beer I bought after turning 21 with the phrase “Bravely done.” inscribed on the inside. (I believe most of their bottle caps have this same phrase in in, so it’s nothing unique.)

*Snow Peak wood and titanium chopsticks in the event I find myself without a utensil when needed.

*Opinel NO. 7 folding knife with standard birchwood handle, useful for cutting off tags, opening packages/mail, foraging, etc.

*Vigneto Waiter’s Friend wine key that I always have on hand as my friends and I tend to consume a lot of wine.

*Dunhill International cigarettes, though I have since quit smoking.

*Matte black Zippo for cigarettes and anything else that needed lighting.

*Klean Kanteen insulated 20oz/592ml bottle that I use to keep my tea hotand my water cold.

*Leather book bag that I received from a friend as a birthday gift a few years back to hold it all.

PackPose: The reason for packing is because I’m a student and often go from place to place without a chance to really stop at home, so everything in the bag is to get me through long days on the go.

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